Free Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

Free Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

Free Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger are HTML tag content that provides metadata about your website such as description. Meta tags are used by search engines to help index and to provide relevant content in their search results

Meta portrayal and meta catchphrases are the most well known html labels which are still suggested regardless of numerous contentions by a few master Search motor Optimizers. The primary thing that each blogger must do subsequent to making a log is to improve his layout by submitting it to web indexes and by including significant meta labels inside the format. To make your activity simple I have made a basic Meta Tag Generator Tool beneath which will assist you with making significant labels inside seconds with no SEO information required by any means! 

Follow these tips for composing best blog depiction and for picking the most significant watchwords for your blog. 

Meta Description: 

Portray your blog in max 150 letters. The Character Counter instrument can support you. For instance I have picked the accompanying words for portraying my blog, 

You can pick a comparative arrangement to depict your blog with most applicable words. 

Note:- I have encased the meta portrayal inside a unique HTML tag so as to stay away from copy content issue. Confounded? Allow me to clarify. In the event that Meta depiction shows up for all pages in your blog, at that point web index robots would imagine that every one of your pages are having same portrayal. Since robots bargain each page as a different site in this manner your blog could get punished for utilizing same meta depiction again and again. To maintain a strategic distance from this I have included two bits of code when meta depiction with the goal that it might appear to robots at landing page as it were. Following are the two codes added to the device of course, 

Meta Keywords: 

Pick words that portray the center subjects of your blog. Watchwords are high traffic focused on words that characterize your blog content. The vast majority utilize many most serious catchphrases yet doing this is pointless and further impacts your web index posting. Pick not many yet keen catchphrases that may mirror the general substance of your blog. Google catchphrase Tool can massively help you in picking the correct watchwords. The best tip is to utilize comparative catchphrases as utilized by your rivals. You can press Ctrl + U to open the source record of your rival while you are on his blog. Through source document you can undoubtedly observe what catchphrases and portrayal your rival is utilizing. 

Compose a limit of three words for every catchphrase and separate every watchword utilizing a comma. Consider my to be for instance, 

Meta Author: 

This is certifiably not a significant tag yet at the same time everybody likes to connect his name to his site so for what reason should you deserted! :p Simply compose your complete name and abstain from utilizing monikers or uncommon images. 

On the off chance that you would prefer not to include your name, at that point basically leave the clear unfilled in the device underneath. 

Meta Robot: 

Now and again you don't need web search tool robots to slither and file your blog so you can basically tell the robots that don't creep the information of the blog utilizing the No follow tag or No file tag. As a matter of course blogger labels all web journals as ALL 

On the off chance that you would prefer not to be wasted time with this tag, at that point essentially leave the clear vacant in the apparatus underneath.

Meta Tag Generator Tool for Blogger
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